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Success Story #1: "You'll never regret reading this book!"

The pain I suffered when using my computer with Dry Eye was excruciating. I couldn't use the computer for more than a half hour at a time; otherwise the pain would become unbearable. The doctor prescribed a lot of eye drops for me but none of them worked. Since I began practicing the method outlined in chapter 4 of this book, I've been able to return to regular work. When I wake in the morning, there is no more stabbing pain or feeling that my eyes are stuck closed. I try my best to print out all my work materials to reduce my time in front of the computer. I can use my computer for three or four hours now without pain whereas before I couldn't make it past half an hour. Through the use of massage, I found that I actually have an inexhaustible supply of natural tears, why would I use artificial ones. Since using this method, my eyes have been moistened and I can cry. When we have such a rich store of natural tears to be exploited, there’s no need to ever revert to using artificial tears! I strongly recommend you try this method. You can be freed from your pain too!


Success Story #2: "I want to encourage you to have faith, you can recover."

My left eye was moderately affected, while the right eye was a little better. In the afternoon I would feel like my eyes were swollen. By dusk I'd be blinking uncontrollably. By night time, both eyes would be red and painful. My left eye could not produce tears. I was extremely light sensitive, to the point that I couldn't even open my eyes in strong light. I applied eye drops and drank cod-liver oil but nothing worked. After using this method for a week, it felt really good but my left eye still produced very few tears. One day I was applying massage while taking the bus. Suddenly I yawned and found tears coming from my left eye. I was so happy and felt a renewed faith even though there were just a few tears. I felt like the massage was proving effective so I kept at it. Whenever my eyes began to feel dry I would yawn and avoid using artificial tears. I found my symptoms reduced significantly. I get to bed early and rise early. Using this method I have overcome my Dry Eye. I want to encourage you to have faith, you can recover.


Success Story #3: "Persevere using this method!"

Fifteen years ago I played computer games all night. From that time on, whenever I used a computer for a prolonged time, my eyes would feel tired. I went to see a lot of doctors and all prescribed eye drops, but they were ineffective. My symptoms became more severe: after using the computer for a long time or watching television, the next day my eyes would be really uncomfortable. In the end I pretty much stopped watching television at all. After driving, particularly at night, my eyes would be uncomfortable and I wouldn’t be able to get them open in the morning. Going to the mall became a torture. Then I found out about this method. I had used the computer all day and tried it out by massaging my eye area. After getting off work I went to pick up my wife and didn’t wear sunglasses. My wife said it was probably just that the sunlight was weaker that day. By the third day, when I got up early I opened my eyes easily (even though they were still a little sticky, it was no longer a case of feeling like I couldn’t get them open at all). The sun was shining bright that morning, but I drove to work without my sunglasses. I found that my eyes still felt fine when I got to work. After only two days of massage I showed obvious improvement, so I persevered using this method and now I have virtually no symptoms at all.

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